Speed, Precision, Security

For too long practitioners have been hindered by difficult report writer interfaces that sacrificed in-depth documentation in an attempt to be speedy. This issue becomes very serious with the imminent introduction of “pay for performance” which demands complete documentation. In addition, these older solutions hold patient data hostage to proprietary systems, invariably in a single location making timely and ubiquitous access, difficult and very tedious.

Now, with an interface that’s as easy to use as email, GI+EndoWriter lets you:

  • Create detailed reports that accurately represent the individual patient, in a very short time.
  • Generate a report of high resolution images and text annotations from your tablet, laptop or PC
  • Use the powerful keyword search for direct access to patient records.
  • Show your patients their findings in large clear pictures to educate them and gain their cooperation and compliance with your treatment and follow up care.
  • Compare images from different stages in the patient’s treatment, side by side.
  • Securely share images and text with other providers for collaborative care.

It’s easy to make notes on the images as you review them. The helpful dropdown lists of possible terms practically eliminate the need to type.

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