The Originator of the Cloud-Based Endowriter

Esymed’s GI+EndoWriter was developed by Kiran K. Bhat MD, a busy, practicing gastroenterologist ranked amongst America’s top physicians for several years running.

An early adopter of medical technology, he has seen how IT can create as many hurdles as advantages for a practice. That’s why he served as an advisor to pioneering EMR developers to help them avoid designing difficult user interfaces.

Dr. Kiran K. Bhat

Dr. Bhat saw that while image-capture technology was sophisticated, the ways to view and manage those images were not. Easy, reliable access to the digital images recorded during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures was unavailable. The lack of seamless remote access to reports negatively affected the quality of care and outcomes for patients when doctors worked at multiple locations.

To overcome this expensive, potentially life threatening gap, Dr. Bhat applied his years of experience and resources in creating an innovative application that is simple, secure and highly efficient. By leveraging a standard feature on almost all digital medical hardware, he created the first cloud-based system to make high resolution images available the instant they are captured, along with any annotations.

Dr. Bhat’s invention of the GI+EndoWriter liberates users from the proprietary systems that hold patient information hostage in a single location. It gives you ease of use, easy access and control of all your patient data. There is no other endowriter solution available that delivers what the Esymed GI+EndoWriter does right now.

It’s Your Call

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