Easy and Economical

With GI+EndoWriter’s exhaustive system of trees, sub trees and free text anywhere you can generate hybrid text-image reports very quickly, simply by clicking on your choices. The program then lets you transfer the data easily into your EHR or the patients’ personal health records. At the end of each procedure, a complete bill for your services rendered is created automatically in the system, ready for submission.


Generate a detailed report in PDF format, including the ICD-10 Codes you select from a dropdown list.

You can search the entire database of CPT codes and click on the applicable ones for quicker completion and payment.

Because GI+EndoWriter is cloud based it allows us to deliver the solution at tremendous savings. Unlike most medical technology which usually requires large upfront costs, financing and training, the Esymed GI+EndoWriter can be yours for a small fraction of the cost of the lowest priced competitor, billed automatically to your credit card. This modest monthly charge includes automatic software upgrades and updates.

Your data always belongs to you and you can keep it or back it up in the ubiquitous, shareable PDF format whenever you choose.

Be sure to ask us about our generous configuration discounts for multiple unit sites.

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